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April 2010 - Posts

  • Panasonic NAB 2010

    Apr 20 2010

    We just returned from Las Vegas where we helped our Panasonic client launch key messages at the National Association of Broadcasters convention. We developed the visual theme, produced the digital signage as well as two live presentations to showcase the 3D workflow and the Systems Products from Panasonic, a technology leader in this category. Check out some behind the scenes pictures here.

    Monica Peixoto | VP Production

  • What’s more important? What you say? Or how you say it?

    Apr 19 2010

    The politically correct answer is that both are important. But many products and services are “me-too” and lack a unique strategic advantage -- the “what you say.”

    In that case, they need a powerful “How you say it” to really stand out. One great example is the current ad campaign for Ally Bank. In an age when most banks are making the same old promises about “honesty” and “trust," this online bank has found a fresh, humorous way to make their message poignant and believable.

    Want to build your brand? Search for the “What you say” and say it well. But if all else fails, make sure there’s magic in “How you say it.”

    Howie Cohen | Chief Creative Officer