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March 2011 - Posts

  • What’s the New What?

    Mar 21 2011

    For a while now, we've said, "media is the new creative."

    Meaning that, due to the number of options available to reach the targets nowadays,
    it takes an informed and creative mind to deliver the most effective and efficient media plans.

    For a while, I've said, "If the creative is strong enough, the media is free."
    Meaning if the message is interesting enough for it to go viral, the cost of distribution is free.

    I recently heard someone say it more succinctly.

    "Creative is the new media.
    Media is the new creative."

    This may seem like rhetoric or just semantics.
    However, we might think of it as way to frame the opportunities offered by the new world we live in.

    Joe Phelps | CEO