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August 2013 - Posts

  • Facebook Updates Its Promotional Guidelines - Social Media Strategists Rejoice!

    Aug 30 2013

    Facebook just released some new promotional guidelines, which should make our lives easier.


    Prior to today (old rules):

    • All promotions (contests) on Facebook required administration within an app (i.e. you couldn't run a promotion directly on your page's timeline)

    Starting today (new rules):

    • You can continue to use apps to run your promotions
    • You can also run promotions on your page's timeline, so long as:
      • You acknowledge that the promotion isn't affiliated with Facebook
      • Have a link to official contest rules
      • Personal timelines aren't used to administer promotions (i.e. telling fans to "share on your timeline to enter" or "share on your friend's timeline to get additional entries")
      • Tagging within a photo isn't utilized as a method of entry (i.e. asking fans to tag themselves in pictures of a new product in exchange for a change to win a prize)
    • You can specifically:
      • Collect entries by having users post on the page or comment/like a page post
      • Collect entries by having users message the page
      • Utilize likes as a voting mechanism
  • What Do Consumers Really Want This Labor Day Holiday?

    Aug 30 2013

    Marketers may think they have a handle on what people want this Labor Day, but Twitter tells a different story.

    In a recent survey, here’s what we found:

    Phelps Labor Day Stats

    In several key areas such as travel, entertainment and events, marketers were on target. However, people (at least those on Twitter) don’t seem to be as shallow as marketers’ tweets would imply. Consumer conversations primarily revolved around “getting away” and “enjoying time with friends and family,” as opposed to marketers’ tweets, which focused on contests, TV shows, money and weight loss.

    While it would be premature to think this means consumers don’t care about Labor Day sales, one might conclude that Twitter users are less concerned about merchandise during the holiday and more interested in experiences.

    In some cases, there was an actual backlash against marketers. Consumers were loud and clear in tweeting, “I don’t want fashion advice. I want to wear white after Labor Day!” There were also quite a few heated posts about labor unions and the origins of the holiday.

    While this is just a small sampling of the consumer population, it shows that marketers can do a better job of creating relevant Twitter posts. For instance, during the sample period, one well-known stain remover brand tweeted heavily about a product giveaway leading up to Labor Day. Knowing how strongly consumers feel about “wearing white after Labor Day,” the marketer could have scored big points by tweeting, “Proud sponsor of stain-free whites… even after Labor Day.”

    As another example, there were several offers from marketers for “10% off” a product or service. Survey results indicate a missed opportunity to win customer loyalty by offering, “Enjoy your family this Labor Day – Save with us next week.”

    When crafting Twitter communications, the key is to listen to your consumers: ask yourself, “What do they really want?” Be honest. Then tweet about that.

  • Relax, But Don't Take Time Off From Great Ideas

    Aug 29 2013

    Phelps Agency Blog - Relax But Don't Take Time Off From Great Ideas

    (Adapted from a post by Richard Branson, Virgin Group Founder)

    As we move into the Labor Day Weekend, here are some sunny thoughts to keep in mind all year round.

    - If you can, take a break so inspiration can strike. Give your smartphone a break, too- it’s the quiet times when exciting ideas often pop up. And notice creativity wherever you are. It’s good for the soul.

    - At Phelps, we’re lucky to have an outdoor conference room. But even if you don’t have one of those, take some meetings outside somewhere nearby. Try some casual attire if you can. The change of pace may spark new thinking, encourage creativity and help you see things in a different way.

    - Exercise helps, too. Why not fit in a bike ride, a walk or some tennis before or after work? It’ll help you refresh and energize, and some great ideas might just bubble up without your even trying.

    Enjoy the last days of summer, relax and watch what happens when you just chill out, dude.  

    Harvey Kaner - Copywriter

  • Phelps Ranked #22 on Best Places to Work in Los Angeles

    Aug 27 2013


    LABJ - Best Places to Work 2013


    Phelps has been named one of the top 38 of L.A.’s “Best Places to Work” for the 7th year in a row by the Los Angeles Business Journal. We are thrilled to be ranked #22 among all mid-sized companies – 50-249 associates – in Los Angeles. Four spots up from last year!

    Los Angeles Business Journal partnered with the Best Companies Group to identify the top 100 companies that deserve The "Best Places to Work in Los Angeles" award. Best Companies Group was responsible for the survey and analysis through a two-part assessment process designed to collect information about each company’s benefits, policies, practices and other general information.

  • Phelps Band to Perform at ThinkLA AdJam 2013

    Aug 22 2013

    Phelps-tipped Pens

    It’s official, the Phelps band has been selected as one of just nine agencies to perform at this year’s ThinkLA AdJam 2013. Now we need your help to get a coveted playing slot in the lineup.

    Check out our video and vote for The Phelps-tipped Pens to help us get that 'sweet spot' at the Nokia Theater on September 26. You can vote once every day until August 30th at the AdJam video content page!

    Our awesome band members are -

    Erin Toerner - Vocals
    Will Shepler - Vocals
    Omar Hernandez - Guitar
    Jason Smuckler - Guitar
    Deniz Kahriman - Keyboard
    Josh Lazo - Guitar
    Aaron Dubois - Drums
    Shane Brouse - Bass
    Craig Allen - HYPE MAN

    Thanks for your support!

  • Phelps Helps LeafWing Soar With Newly Launched Website

    Aug 16 2013

    Phelps-LeafWing Website Launch

    Phelps recently worked wtih LeafWing for Professionals to create a new and improved website.

    LeafWing provides cutting-edge online video courses for behavioral health professionals to have an engaging and innovative experience in earning their continuing education units – from anywhere they can stream video.  LeafWing's course offerings include psychology, therapy, social working, counseling, and mental health. This website brings enhanced functionality and user experience to professionals looking to continue their education from the comfort of their own home.

  • #MadeForDudes – A Twinkies Focus Group

    Aug 13 2013

    We've been following the Twinkies Sweetest Comeback campaign closely. Twinkies are such a nostalgic part of our childhoods that we were glued to the Hostess storyline, which fortunately had a happy ending!

    When Twinkies finally returned to the shelves after a long eight- month hiatus we had to snatch some up right away. After cracking open the box of sugary spongy goodness, we realized that our sentiment toward the actual taste of Twinkies was divided between the men and women of Phelps.  We weren’t alone in this discovery.  It turns out that Twinkies had relaunched its brand as dude food specifically targeting dudes 18-35 years old whose nutrition sources are vending machines and convenience stores.

    Since we like data at Phelps, we decided to conduct a quick focus group in the office between our dudes and women.  Click the image above to watch the results of our Twinkies research, or see it on YouTube!

    #MadeForDudes #Twinkies #SweetestComeback