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January 2014 - Posts

  • Tide’s NFL Sponsorship is a Win for the Brand on Social Media

    Jan 29 2014

    To build brand affinity on social media, Tide negotiated a unique, integrated media partnership with the NFL to designate one player from each of the 32 teams as a "Tide Color Captain."

    Throughout the season, the Color Captain acted as a social media photojournalist, sharing personal photos of inspirational "color celebrations." The endorsement deal was kicked off at the 2013 NFL Draft: Tide sponsored the top draft pick for each team, posting the first photo of each player in their new colors on Twitter with the hash tag #aboutourcolors.

    Tide kept relatively quiet about the campaign, allowing players and fans to own the content. The momentum built organically and as we approach this year's Super Bowl, the hash tag #ourcolors has thousands of posts, from NFL players and fans alike.

    We got in on the action, too. Using Ninja blocks, we have been tallying intelligence around the office. Currently, we're taking votes on who will win the ultimate support of Phelps for the Super Bowl - our colors.

    Tune in later this week to find out who we'll be supporting!

    Erna Adelson - Social Media Specialist

  • Brand for Today with an Eye on Tomorrow

    Jan 24 2014

    At Phelps, we believe that branding isn't static and we must always challenge the status quo to stay relevant. The saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." But as Colin Powell noted – that is "the slogan of the complacent." In today's growing and unpredictable world of technological innovations, emerging needs and global connectivity, it is a misstep to ignore change. We must always strive to push the brand boundaries to align with what growth and innovation can deliver.

    Branding, at its core, is the equity and trust that comes from understanding your target audience and messaging to them consistently. But many companies allow their brand to get stale – thinking that as long as they are consistent, that is all that matters. In a world where the target audience is changing dynamically every day, brands must always work hard to stay relevant and keep up with the evolving landscape.

    We look to brands like Nike, who have embraced connected devices along with cultural phenomena and true inspirational stories to enhance their brand communication, while maintaining the legendary slogan, "Just Do It." Today, Nike shows us how to Just Do It, in each step of the customer journey, utilizing hashtagged tweets, fitness data and beautiful films in tandem to tell a story. The core essence of the brand remains intact, but the brand strategy evolves to connect with changing and emerging consumer behaviors.

    Our goal is to create brands that are firmly rooted in their heritage, but always looking towards the future to see what new possibilities lie ahead. An effective brand strategy should always align with what is coming tomorrow.

    Tori Young – Brand Strategist / Team Leader

  • Our Announcement of Mike Jackson as the Agency’s New President is Making Headlines

    Jan 16 2014

    From the LA Times:
    Phelps hired veteran marketing executive Mike Jackson as president…The position of president did not previously exist. However, the company's founder and chief executive, Joe Phelps, carved out the new role to bring Jackson aboard.

    Los Angeles' advertising industry has been growing in recent years."Ten years ago, a lot of East Coast clients did not want to work with a Los Angeles agency," Jackson said Tuesday. "But now, with the convergence of advertising, media, entertainment and technology, L.A. increasingly is the place to go."

    From Adweek:
    "I spent six hours [at Phelps] and I was struck by what I saw in his strong integrated operations. So a new year, a new start," said Jackson. "My focus will be on business development, Phelps brand development and existing clients. I'll handle the day-to-day while Joe will be more focused on the agency's strategic direction."

    From the New York Times:
    Mike Jackson joined Phelps, Los Angeles, as president, a new post. He will also work with an affiliate agency, Phelps Total Marketing, which specializes in multicultural marketing. Mr. Jackson had most recently run his own agency, Jackson & Partners, Detroit, which he closed, he said, to join Phelps; he previously held senior marketing and sales posts at companies that included General Motors, Coca-Cola, Coors Brewing and PepsiCo.

    From the Los Angeles Business Journal:
    "I believe that my experience on the client side will be really valuable or valued [at Phelps] where the emphasis is so focused on the client and client based teams," said Jackson, who has also worked for Coors Brewing Co., PepsiCo Inc. and Coca-Cola Co.

  • Phelps Welcomes Mike Jackson as President

    Jan 14 2014


    Though he is already a familiar face here at Phelps, the official announcement went out this week about our new President, Mike Jackson. A strategic thinker and enthusiastic mentor, Mike is a very welcome addition. He brings vast experience with brands like Coors Brewing, PepsiCo and Coca-Cola and will focus on strategic planning, business development and expansion of the agency brand. His presence had an immediate impact around the office – his positive attitude is infectious. 

    Click here to read the official press release.


  • Finding a Sweet Spot to Start

    Jan 11 2014
    Strategy is, by nature, subjective. It’s easy to lose your perspective and talk yourself (and others) into a plan that ultimately fails to deliver. And while there are no guarantees, we find that asking ourselves the following can help answer the larger question, “is this a good idea?”

    1.   Is it desired by the target?
    2.   Can it be consistently delivered by the client?
    3.   Is it unclaimed by the competition?

    If you can answer “yes” to all three questions, you might have found a SweetSpot™.
     Ed Chambliss - COO
  • What Does the Creative Mind do When it's Not Creating?

    Jan 06 2014

    It's a false question. The creative mind is always creating.

    It's thinking, challenging, observing, questioning, inventing.

    Whether it's awake or asleep, during the day or middle of the night.

    It may be the pursuit of something relevant - or something entirely useless!

    The thing is, it's not about the creative solution, but the creative process.

    The creative brain is a muscle that benefits from constant exercise. And the more it creates... the more it seems to create.

    You may have observed this in yourself.

    The creative brain is not the exclusive possession of those people we call "the creatives".

    We all have it. We all experience this to some degree.

    Now, imagine if we can find new ways to tap into all this creativity.

    To grab onto those ideas, nourish them, share them and build on them.

    Imagine the positive impact it could have.

    For ourselves. For the agency. For humanity.

    Howie Cohen - Chief Creative Officer