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June 2014 - Posts

  • How to Grow Your Business Using Content Marketing

    Jun 19 2014

    Phelps' ICOM partner, Pablo Binkowski, shares a useful infographic that illustrates how content marketing will help your business grow, starting with listening at the roots and creating branches to benefit your customers. Read more on the Dendrite Park blog.

  • Los Angeles World Airport Employees are "Happy"

    Jun 19 2014

    Between the return of summer and the launch of our LAX is Happening campaign, there are many reasons to be happy. Our Los Angeles World Airports client made a music video to show just how happy they are, with appearances from the smiling faces that keep LAX, LA/Ontario International Airport and Van Nuys Airport great places to fly in and out of the Los Angeles region. Click below to watch and check out our other LAX is Happening videos on the LAX YouTube channel:

  • Smartphones offer a world of opportunity for World Cup mobile advertisers

    Jun 10 2014


    What's the best way to reach fans during FIFA World Cup matches? According to an IAB study, it's through their mobile devices. Because of differing time zones and schedules, World Cup matches will often be on during work hours and while fans are needed away from home.

    While 63 percent of respondents still plan to watch the World Cup on a TV, the next largest group is mobile, as 48 percent of those surveyed say they will follow matches on their phones. Those watching TV aren't ignoring their mobile devices, either: 35 percent of TV viewers plan to use their smartphones throughout broadcasts while an additional 37 percent will check their phones at halftime.

    Although usage sets up the opportunity for mobile advertisers to work their magic, the most promising statistic from the report is that 37 percent of respondents click on at least one mobile ad per day. This means that there's a willingness to see what brands are offering, provided that mobile ads are interesting and engaging. From the survey, the top 3 ads fans are likely to click on are fun and entertaining (23 percent); relevant products (17 percent); and feature their country's team (16 percent).

    Social media promotions offer another effective avenue to reach soccer fans. Many will share World Cup contentgoals, news, scores, pub selfies and moreusing their preferred social network. Facebook is the mobile sharing tool of choice for 45 percent of respondents, while 28 percent will use WhatsApp, 25 percent will use Twitter and 20 percent will be using other social networks.

    Official World Cup sponsorship may not be realistic for the average brand, but strategic mobile advertising allows brands to target people and engage soccer fans with high quality content during the world's greatest sporting event.


    Susan Shimotsu - Public Relations Specialist